Lineup: Automated lead profiling and scheduler

Turns website visitors into scheduled meetings with qualified customers.

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What to expect

Profiling helps prioritize hot leads. Prospects are asked questions and their answers trigger different paths. Their responses segment and point them to alternate endings. If the're Hot they move to scheduling. If not, they are redirected to other teams, nurturing pipelines or relevant webpages.

Lineup is designed to save sales teams time. It helps them keeps their schedules productive and close more deals by connecting them with the best leads faster.

How to get started

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Pimp Lineup up with our profiling service. We set up the connection for your clients to book directly on your page.
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Share the scheduling service
If didn't purchase our profiling service, share the URLs of your scheduling services with your clients.
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Sales teams respond faster.

Better ‘Profiling’ helps segment the prospects that are ready to buy and ‘Automated scheduling’ sets up the meetings quickly.


We provide sales rep valuable insight into what the customer needs before they make the first call.


Sales teams get fed only qualified leads meaning clearly defined need, budget, authority, and purchase decision timeframe.


Scheduling calls with prospects is super easy. We have 5 tiers that fit your business and budget.


1 schedule service
1 manager user
1 secretary user
1 supplier user
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2 schedule services
2 manager users
2 secretary users
2 supplier users
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5 schedule services
5 manager users
5 secretary users
5 supplier users
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10 schedule services
10 manager users
10 secretary users
10 supplier users
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